"Learn how to stop doing boring long winded hypnosis sessions...
... and start doing action-based hypnosis that uses EFT tapping to create permanent change"
What is the solution? Integrating EFT (tapping) into Your Hypnosis Sessions!
Access the replay for this October event and I will teach you in three hours a meaningful strategy of the Emotional Freedom Technique and how to use it as a powerhouse hypnosis technique for induction, suggestive therapy, and post-hypnotic success even if you have never taken EFT training before!

Everyone's talking about getting better results and creating interactive hypnosis sessions, right?

We all know that sessions that don't engage the client's are sessions that don't benefit the client.

But what almost no one understands about getting better results and creating interactive hypnosis sessions is the concept of EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a part of your actual hypnosis sessions. For most, it's just an add-on before or after hypnosis, if it is even used at all!

I want to show you five incredibly powerful EFT strategies you can use in your next hypnosis session to make it more interactive, more powerful, and more effective.

It's not using a hypnosis script with lots of good suggestions that helps you find the right solutions for the problem bothering your client; it's integrating the action of tapping with the process of hypnosis that makes those suggestions take hold!

And that can help you stop doing long-winded sessions where you do all the talking, and the client just sits there hoping they can keep their eyes closed, and helps you to engage the client in their own success!

Milton Erickson told us that the client has all the resources within themselves to make change. EFT tapping brings the client's own answers to the top of the mental deck and gives them a skill they can use in any situation. It works for weight loss clients, fear and phobias, hypnotic pain control, weight loss, and just about any other issue we see clients for.

Even though this event is past, you can access the full replay, all of the resources, the PDF notes, transcripts, and handouts. Just register now and you will get INSTANT ACCESS!

The last hour of this three hour class will feature Expert ICBCH Instructor John Soriano, M.Ed.
, a school counselor who regularly uses EFT with Children and Teens to help them create success in school! You will get to learn his strategies in the last hour of this three hour class and apply these techniques across the age spectrum!

EFT is a great way to stop:
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Panic and anxiety
  • Hunger and cravings
  • ​To stop doing boring hypnosis sessions where the hypnotist does all the talking while hoping the client doesn’t fall asleep!
How can you get in on this REPLAY of Our  ONLINE training with
Dr. Richard Nongard?
This will be a live Zoom training where you will have a chance to practice what is taught so that you will leave the session with the confidence to use the processes.

Even though this event is past, you can access the full replay, all of the resources, the PDF notes, transcripts, and handouts. Just register now and you will get INSTANT ACCESS!

The last hour we will be joined by expert hypnotist and school counselor John Soriano, M.Ed., to  talk about applications with children and teens!
Dr. Richard Nongard is an expert professional hypnotist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and the author of numerous best-selling books on Ericksonian hypnotherapy, contextual psychology, and self-hypnosis. You will love his easy-going teaching style that wastes no time getting to the point and teaching you actionable strategies you can use in your next session.
What exactly will you learn in this session?
  • You will learn what tapping is, and why it produces emotional freedom!
  • You will learn the classic EFT tapping pattern and tapping points, and adaptations based on hypnotic suggestion.
  • You will learn how to structure affirmations that are rooted in positive change so that you are not reinforcing negative behaviors or emotions.
  • ​You will learn how EFT can become a hypnotic induction and you will do the EFT induction!
  • ​You will learn how EFT tapping can become a powerful post hypnotic suggestion.
  • ​You will learn the top five techniques integrating EFT into hypnosis that Dr. Richard Nongard uses in his real-world online and in-person sessions.
  • ​You will leave this session excited to share these methods in your next session whether it is an in-person or an online hypnosis session.
  • ​You will learn John Soriano's strategies for helping children and teens with EFT!
What will you get with this intensive three-hour training program?
  • You will get access to all the replays so you will have 24/7 access to reviewing the fast-paced content on your own time 
  • If you miss the session because of time zones or other commitments, you will have full access to everything!
  • You will get the EFT tapping point chart
  • ​You will get a printed script for the EFT induction created by Dr. Richard Nongard
  • ​You will get the easy-to-use EFT strategy worksheets that will help you structure your suggestions with each client in a unique way.
  • ​You will get the confidence to use EFT as a hypnotist in ways that will make your sessions more powerful with better results. 
  • ​Clear instructions for using these ideas with in-person clients and with online hypnosis and coaching clients!
The best part? Everything you learn to apply to your sessions you can use in your own self-hypnosis practice so that you gain results in your own life! Are you trying to lose weight? End anxiety? Defeat procrastination? Overcome difficult times?
These strategies work for you as much as they work to help clients!
YES! I Want to Learn EFT And Use It in My Next Hypnosis Session to Get Lasting Results!
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